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Bubble Machine Gun

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Bubble up with the fast fun of the bubble Bubble Blower! This petite play gun features 8 bubble holes that blow out hundreds of colorful bubbles per minute. It’s designed with soft sponge that are safe for kids and pets, and helps prevent injury to curious hands. The Bubble Blower also has a handle that has been designed to fit the curvature of a child’s hand so kids can easily carry the Bubble Blower without dropping it.

The Bubble Blower works with any bubble solution on the market. You can also make your own solution by using dish soap diluted with water, which will get you the same bubble effect without having to search store shelves for another bottle of pre-made bubble soap. One of the best features of this fun Bubble Blower is that it doubles as a fan. When the bubbles run out, you or your kids can use it to blow cool air and beat the heat.

Easy To Set Up and Use

The Bubble Blower comes with a bottle of bubble solution and a tray, so getting ready to use it is a breeze. Start the fun by pouring the bubble solution into the tray, being careful not to overfill it and make a mess. Next, dip the end of the Bubble Blower into the tray with the bubble solution. Finally, press the button on the handle of the Bubble Blower and watch the hundreds of bubbles fly!


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  • Safe and Easy to Use: The automatic bubble gun is designed with child safety in mind, making it easy for kids to operate without any risk of harm.
  • Continuous Bubble Stream: The bubble gun produces a continuous stream of bubbles, creating a magical and immersive experience for kids
  • No Manual Bubble Blowing: Kids no longer need to manually blow bubbles with wands, as the automatic bubble gun does all the work for them
  • Lightweight and Portable: The bubble gun is lightweight and portable, allowing kids to take it with them wherever they go for endless bubble fun
  • Battery Powered: The bubble gun runs on batteries, ensuring long-lasting power and eliminating the need for messy cords or cables
  • Adjustable Bubble Output: Kids can control the amount of bubbles produced by the gun, allowing them to create different bubble sizes and patterns
  • Exciting LED Lights: The bubble gun features colorful LED lights that light up while bubbles are being produced, adding an extra element of excitement
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the playful nature of kids, the bubble gun is made from durable materials that can withstand drops and bumps
  • Encourages Outdoor Play: The automatic bubble gun encourages kids to play outdoors, promoting physical activity and creativity
  • Perfect for Parties and Gatherings: Whether it's a birthday party or a family gathering, the automatic bubble gun provides endless entertainment for kids and adults alike

The automatic bubble gun is a delightful toy designed specifically for kids. It takes the hassle out of traditional bubble blowing by producing a continuous stream of bubbles with just a push of a button. Kids no longer need to manually blow bubbles with wands or struggle with spilling soapy solutions. This user-friendly gadget is safe and easy to use, providing endless hours of bubble fun for children of all ages.

With its lightweight and portable design, the automatic bubble gun can accompany kids on all their adventures. Whether they're playing in the backyard, at the park, or even on a family vacation, this bubble gun is the perfect companion. Powered by batteries, it eliminates the need for messy cords or cables, making it convenient and hassle-free. Its durable construction ensures that it can withstand the playful nature of kids, surviving accidental drops and bumps.

The automatic bubble gun not only creates a captivating bubble experience but also adds an extra element of excitement with its colorful LED lights. As the bubbles float through the air, the LED lights illuminate, creating a magical atmosphere that enchants kids and sparks their imagination. This bubble gun is not only a source of entertainment but also encourages outdoor play, promoting physical activity and creativity. Whether it's a playdate, a birthday party, or simply a fun afternoon in the sun, the automatic bubble gun brings joy and laughter to every occasion.