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4 Pcs Silicone Table Corner Covers

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This child safety corner guards can protect your kids from hurting by sharp corner and edges of furniture like tables, bed, desk, cabinets, bookcase, cupboard and other sharp corners in the house. Our corner safety protectors are made of soft and flexible PVC material which is safe, non-toxic and no smell. Transparent color is compatible for various color furniture and not easy to take kids’ attention to tear off


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  • We offer a custom high power adhesive on each side of the corner protector no gaps in the inside of the corner protector. Just remove the covering and stick on any wooden edge you see - coffee table, wardrobe, counter tops, bookshelf. And it can remove the sticker without damaging the furniture.
  • Our corner protector protect your baby from being hurt by the corners of coffee table,desk,TV cabinets and other sharp corners in the house.Dining tables, side tables, chairs, and desks STOP being a threat to your baby's safety once you stick our corner guards. Their durable construction instantly absorbs the impact of unexpected bumps. Making playtime fun time for all family!
  • The best childproof design is translated into easy peasy, stick-and-go installation for parents AND impossible removal by curious yet unexpectedly strong little fingers.