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10 pcs Cord Organizer

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  • 【Perfect Suit】Cord Organizer Kits is Soft and comfortable materials, can protect the wires from being damaged. complete kinds allows you to clean up the messy cables, Make your living environment more comfortable.
  • 【High Quality Material】Kitchen appliance cord organizer and Charging Cord clips Use High temperature resistant silicone & has strong electrical insulation,3M strong adhesive make the product more stable.Self Gripping Cable Ties are made from premium PP+ nylon adhesive materials ,can be reusable used.
  • 【Wide Applicability】The Cable Management Kit Widely Applicability For kitchen appliances cable(such as air fryer, coffee machines, juicer),USB cable,earphone cable, etc.
  • 【Easy To USE】 Each product can be used without any tools, simple and practical,cord winder usually affixed to the side of the appliance, it brings together the cluttered power cord, sets the appliance and cord together, looks concise and easy, and saves space.Cable holder Usually used for desktop, bedside cord storage.cable ties Can be used in various places in life.
  • 【Cable Organizer Kits Content】 UMUST Appliance Cable Winder 3pcs(Black*2,White*1),Cable Clips 3pcs(4Slots*2,3Slots*1), Velcro Cord Ties 30pcs(5.9*0.5inch *20pcs, 4.3*0.4inch * 10pcs),These will meet your life needs.

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10PCS Cord Organizer for Appliances, Kitchen Appliance Cord Winder, Newest Designed Cord Holder,Cable Winder,Cord Wrapper Stick Firmly for Coffee Maker Pressure Cooker (Black,Grey)

  • SMALL BODY BIG ROLE: This small cord organizer for appliances keeps the messy wires neatly and orderly stick on the appliance. Not only avoids the entanglement of wires when many machines are together, not clear which plug corresponds to which machine, but also avoids the safety risk that the plug may get wet when it is on the kitchen countertop. The bow shape of the cable organizer is also beautiful. It will make your work in the kitchen more efficient and comfortable.
  • WILL NOT FALL OFF: Our appliance cord wrap adopts high-quality PE foam adhesive and widen the contact area between the adhesive and the machine, so that kitchen appliance cord winder stick on the appliance firmly and will not fall off. For best results, please clean the surface of the machine before gluing and attach the cable winder after drying. You just need to press it and confirm attached perfectly, and don't need to wait, you can use the cord holders after a few seconds.
  • SILICONE MATERIAL WITH MANY ADVANTAGES:Our appliance cord organizer made of high-quality silicone material. It is resistant to high temperature and has strong electrical insulation. The surface touches soft and comfortable. Our cord wrapper for appliances has good ductility and can perfectly fit on smooth planes and curved surfaces.
  • BETTER WRAPPING: The edge-tightening design structure makes the cord inside the power cord holder for appliances more stable and not easy to spread.
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATION: This cord organizers can be used to fix the wires of small kitchen appliances, such as pressure cooker, mixer, blender, coffee maker, toaster, air fryer, juicer and so on. This wire organizer can also be used to fix the wires of computers and mobile phones. It even can be used to hang daily items such as small single-shoulder bags and keychains.
  • 【Package Include】10Pcs x Cable Clip holder